IAI’s years of experience with Air & Missile Defence system which started with BARAK 1 and developed to the BARAK 8 has further enhanced its offering through the recent years BARAK MX system.

The BARAK MX family of operationally proven interceptors majority core elements are the latest generations of the mentioned above legacy interceptors

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Integrated Air & Missile Defense System

Based on the Air & Missile Defense Division acclaimed and field-proven BARAK family, BARAK MX is an advanced Air & Missile Defense System that provides a single integrated solution for multiple simultaneous aerial threats from different sources and different ranges.

BARAK MX allows you to tailor your system configuration to face any threat, in any mission and in any battle condition. Connect and utilize any combination of the three BARAK MX components:

  1. The BARAK Battle Management Center (BMC), which creates and manages a unified multi-sensor aerial picture, coordinates the force operation networks and manages the launch arrays. BARAK BMC is available in naval or land-based configuration. The land-based versions are available in mobile, transportable and stationary platforms.

  2. The BARAK Interceptors, all with vertical launch capabilities supporting 360° coverage, quick reactions, short minimal ranges and an active high-end RF seeker for targets with low radar cross-sections and high maneuverability:
    BARAK MRAD, with a single pulse rocket motor for a range of 35 km.
    BARAK LRAD, with a dual pulse rocket motor for a range of 70 km.
    BARAK ER, with a dual pulse rocket motor and an additional booster for a range of 150 km and enhanced TBM capabilities.

  3. IAI’s Fully Digital Integrated Phased Array Radars, available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

The BARAK MX system is capable of simple integration with any existing legacy or new sensors.

BARAK MX’s innovative, software-based modular approach offers exceptional flexibility in operation and power build-up and ensures simple adaptation to future threats.