Inertial navigation solutions for land forces

With the increasing threats of GNSS spoofing and jamming on the battlefields, the need for reliable, high performance inertial navigation becomes critical. iXblue’s land inertial navigations systems (INS) benefit from over 30 years of Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG) development and improvements.

Bundled in the Advans Series range, iXblue’s land INS come in three level of performance: Advans Ursa, Advans Lyra, and Advans Vega. All three INS can cover a wide array of missions, from undisturbed navigation in GNSS-denied environment for land vehicles to artillery pointing.

Advans Series

Complete range covering all operational needs

Advans Series offer a wide range of performance, covering the full spectrum of applications. Each INS share the same integration architecture, with similar web interface, communication protocols, algorithms, functions and connectors.

Ready to Face GNSS Jamming & Spoofing Threats

So far, land forces mostly relied on GNSS (GPS, Galileo…) based solutions for their navigation needs. This proved effective enough for asymmetrical conflicts. With the increasing tensions between global and local superpowers, this might not be enough anymore. High intensity conflicts brings a whole new range of threats, among which spoofing and jamming. Losing critical battlefield navigation due to the jamming of the GNSS signal could lead to failure of operations, or worse. Hence the need for a reliable, high performance, gnss-free option.

Equipped with a north-finding gyrocompass, all Advans Series INS can start and work with or without GNSS, resulting in undisrupted and accurate navigation. Should you need an INS/GNSS hybrid, our INS can be bundled with Advans GNSS.

Hassle-free Solution

Robust & Maintenance-free

Being a solid-state technology, it is highly reliable, requires no periodic maintenance, and thus has a low cost of ownership. Lastly, iXblue’s FOG are sturdy and well adapted to harsh environments.


All of our INS, including Advans Series, are manufactured in France. All key components are made by iXblue, within our facilities. On top of the inherent benefits of handling vertical and horizontal integrations, this means our solutions are ITAR-free.

Plug & Play System

Advans Series are field-level installation systems. They can be installed by any technical team on the field at battalion level. This means that at no point should you need to go back to the maintenance bases to install or switch our INS.
In addition, all major components, including the fiber optic cables, are designed and produced by iXblue, in France.


Trusted by Key Players

Advans Series relies on FOG technology, which benefits from decades of feedback and is being operated by over 60 navies and armies around the world. This solid state technology is extremely robust and can endure high stress in all environments. Whether it is cannon fire or rocket launches.

Reliable and Time-tested FOG Technology

All of Advans Series have powerful fiber-optics gyroscopes built-in. This trusted, high performance technology allow for impressively fast and accurate alignment and high bias stability in the long run.


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