We are Robin Radar Systems. Technology leader in tracking and classification of small objects.

Our mission is to provide actionable information to increase safety and security.

We do that by combining purpose built radars with unique software algorithms, turning customers into ambassadors to achieve leadership in our market.


The drone threat is also an evolving one for military forces, who require increasingly smart solutions to counter hostile drones and protect high-value military assets – essential to operation. Armies, navies and air forces demand increasingly high performance from proven counter drone radars that must work seamlessly with existing air defence systems.

IRIS® is positioned as Robin’s ‘no-compromise’ radar, with engineers challenged to design and build a product that wouldn’t fall short in any key area of performance, under any circumstance.

Robin’s drone detection radars apply unsurpassed micro-doppler classification techniques to check if flying objects have propellers, can detect hovering drones and pull key strengths in range, coverage and construct into one uniquely small footprint.

That makes IRIS® easy to transport, install and integrate with other air defence systems and technologies – precisely what it’s built for.


Press release Diehl Defence: https://www.robinradar.com/press/news/robin-makes-largest-c-uas-deal-to-date